Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Between 25 – 40% of children and young people with learning disabilities also have mental health needs, which is very much higher than for children and young people without learning disabilities, of whom 8-10% have mental health needs.

All local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in the NHS are required to be inclusive and meet the needs of children and young people with all levels of learning abilities.

It is important to recognise when mental health needs are present so that these can be promptly addressed. These are not the fault of the child, young person or their family.

To find resources for families about a range of mental health needs, including what can be done whilst waiting for specialist services, please click here

Professionals can also access resources by clicking here

If you are concerned that your child or young person has unmet mental health needs, please see your family doctor or discuss with another member of the health or education team who can help to make a referral for specialist assessment.