Education, Health and Care Plans

Around 20% of all children and young people have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) at any one time, but up to 40% have experienced SEND at some point.

Most children and young people with SEND can be well supported in mainstream schools within the resources allocated for this purpose to schools from central funding.

Schools take a graduated approach to supporting children with SEND, tailored to the specific needs of each individual child or young person.

Around 2% children and young people have disabling conditions that have a sustained, enduring impact on their lives and are likely to need specialist support from education, health and/or social care through the years. For this group of children and young people, systems are in place across the UK to support person-centred care planning across agencies which leads to a legally binding holistic, rolling care plan with regular reviews, setting out the child or young person’s needs, outcomes aimed for and the actions to be taken to achieve these. In England, these are called Education, Health and Care Plans. The North Tyneside Youth Forum have supported us with making a film about their experiences.

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