Positive Behavioural Support

Dr. Steve Noone is a Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University and has had a long and very successful career as a Clinical Psychologist supporting people with learning disability. In this film Steve explains what Positive Behavioural Support is and how it could hold the key to supporting people with learning disability by trying to understand why people act in ways that can be seen to be challenging.

Often when people act in difficult way it is for a reason for example, they are angry or upset because nobody understands how they communicate, they feel lonely, they feel bored or they might be in pain.

Positive Behavioural Support is a way of supporting somebody to have a good life.

Supporting people to have the life they want will make people much happier and less likely to act in ways that are a concern.

Positive Behavioural Support will help people to get a good plan, so their life can get much better. People who know the person well will come together to help make a plan that shows the best way to support the person to get the life they want.

It is about understanding people, supporting them when things are difficult, showing people real kindness and supporting them to have a better life in the community.

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