My Life with Autism Videos & Resources


Autism spectrum conditions are commoner in people with learning disabilities.

People with autism spectrum conditions see and understand the world differently than other people. They like things to be the same, like routines and structure and predictability. People with autism struggle with social communication and interaction and can have repetitive speech and repetitive behaviours. They may be over-fixated on specific items or interests.
No two people with autism are the same, which is why autism is a spectrum.

People with autism are not mad or bad. It is not their fault, or their parents fault that they are different, they just are.

It is important to recognise when autism is present, as there are specific approaches and strategies that are known to be helpful.

Please see below a video presentation from Dr Laura Coulthard around The Language of Autism Project. The project worked with children and parent carers with lived experience looking at the language and terminology used around Autism and how getting this right is important.