Other Conditions & Terms

There are very many health conditions that can be associated with learning disabilities, some are common, like Down’s Syndrome, others are very rare.

A ‘syndrome’ is a collection of signs and symptoms that occur together. People with a syndrome might look more like other people with that syndrome, rather than looking like other family members.

The term ‘developmental delay’ is used a lot, but can be confusing, because ‘delay’ implies there will be ‘catch up’ at some point, which for children with a learning disability is not what happens. Children and young people with learning disabilities keep on learning, but at their own pace and do not reach the same level of functioning or understanding as other children of their age who do not have learning disabilities.

Some children may be described as having ‘global developmental delay’, which again can be confusing.

Everyone with a learning disability is unique and should have their individual needs carefully identified, described and addressed in their care plan by their education and healthcare teams.

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